Craigslist Richmond: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

I had many different things to Craigslist Richmond do during my time as an online seller. In previous posts, I mentioned that in order to get listings on all these sites, I needed to have at least 5000+ likes and 50 comments. But I couldn’t do anything with those. Because I didn’t like any of them. At the end of it all, they had done something wrong with some of my articles and they were really not going to change their ways either. So what was left for me? Well, I found out very shortly after. On May 19, 2015, for less than 80 bucks, I created two accounts on Facebook (one was called “Richmond” and one “Richmond’s Friend,” but I will call them both by myself). The reason for this is because I wanted to share everything I learned on this site in every possible way for anyone and everyone. But at this point, there might be no better place to start sharing your experience than with such a social platform like Facebook. That’s why so many people who joined were mainly looking for help selling stuff like bikes, clothes. Everything was more for me. They just were looking for someone to help sell them things for them. Like here’s how I found it out…
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I was surprised when I checked out my profile. This is the second account that I have for the website. Once I saw the first one, I could understand that the owner chose to have three accounts. My first account was for myself and my friends and all we wanted as soon as possible. We didn’t just want to get listings we liked, we wanted people to buy things that would be perfect for us, something we’d wear later. My friend’s account was also for himself and his friends. He didn’t mind sending me photos of nice dresses he would be wearing someday. All were great. So once I set up my own account, the next thing I was worried about was my name. After all the other tips I got from others, I came up with a cute nickname to give my first account and then kept my name. I named it Little Richetti Rose (for some reason, I thought I should say “Rose” and nobody knew there was even a hint of rose when looking at it). I have since changed my name since then, but it still stands out today in places for its kind of uniqueness. If anybody wishes to meet me and go see my old pictures, I’ll accept. I still have a lot more work to do (with my new account I’m using, anyway), but if you’re interested in getting into contact with me for help with a listing I have on this page, click on the dropdown menu on my top right hand side menu and choose “Contact.”
When I found out that there are no limits on the number of times you can post something on each individual’s account, one of my thoughts was that I could actually send a few hundred posts a day on mine. Just like the girls on Instagram do on a regular basis. Unfortunately those plans were cancelled due to circumstances. There are thousands of posts on our page every single day. When you spend a dollar on one item, you get 100 to 200 dollars back. How much money do you actually make off those advertisements? I wasn’t sure. My best guess was that a couple thousand dollars a year was enough for someone to pay and keep the account. Maybe more, with the advent of cryptocurrency, that percentage might increase. Even so, as soon as one person buys anything and starts posting it through “Richmond Richmond”, I’ve already spent almost 200 bucks on ads every single minute, on the one account which I have for friends. By the looks of things, I expect more coming in the future too.
So when I came across the ad at the bottom of some posts, I immediately clicked on the first post without thinking twice. Then I heard about the amount of spam that goes into Craigslist Richmond and I knew what I wanted to say. Let me tell you, I am genuinely sorry if any of those who read this didn’t take it well when reading the description for the advertisement. Here we are, taking advantage of our situation, we don’t know a whole lot about advertising. When I wrote this post, Facebook and Google are the most popular platforms. And unfortunately, sometimes they use misleading ads. It’s pretty bad for younger people and not the older ones. If I had known about this before, I probably wouldn’t have made the decision to write it about my experiences. Of course, it can always be a difficult choice to let people know there are advertisers on Facebook or Google, especially with a blog site like mine. Most days, I don’t think people read enough comments for them to know we’re having a problem. For instance, someone wants to know about a job for a car. Or a house. Or a house. Someone has looked up some information for someone else. Then someone finds out about the listing they want to buy. Someone else may check through their email and see something they want to buy through our link. Now, if you had known all this, wouldn’t you have never done it? No, but you can imagine the damage this does as soon as someone finds out. What if our clients find out one of their customers just bought something on our webpage. Would we have been able to contact them? Or worse, would they have had their confidence shattered? People don’t just buy things to look good about themselves anymore, they buy them because someone else thinks of them as being worth it. So how far would you go to ensure your business isn’t destroyed by your visitors? It makes me wonder why we even try to do that, doesn’t it? Also, who have thought that they would buy one thing and then another just to feel different? Is it just some people’s weird sense of entitlement? Maybe that’s just me. I just hope we don’t get taken over by the algorithms like Facebook and Google who can use us to do whatever they want to us. Why do we care? Isn’t our purpose to make people happy?

I think we need to get back to our main goal now, which is to advertise the services, products, deals, discounts, offers, etc. We’re going to advertise all kinds of ads, but they’ll only bring people in once. Right now, we’re just encouraging people to advertise them. However, we’re going to expand on this and make it into one big service and all you have to do is join me. Don’t worry. I won’t ask for permission to use any images I share to reach a particular audience. Unless, of course, you like the content and agree that it should be shared on my page. Your chances are slim and I don’t want to harm your feelings any further than they already are. So please just ignore the advertisement, thank me for letting me share with you something as wonderful as Facebook ads and let the rest of the world have a taste. Please feel free to leave any comments or criticisms in your opinion if any to support me. Thanks for reading!

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